Golliwog’s Cake Walk!



This will be part of our nighttime/Claude Debussy mini-unit. We will be looking at this song’s ABA form!







Example Activity:

Listen to “tick tock/cuckoo song”.

Give clues and ask what they think the object is.

Ask questions like “what do we depend on clocks to do?

Listen for the steady beat.

Have the students “do as you do”. Make motions for each section of the music and have the students follow you. 

After the song, have the students come up with their own motions for the motives and teach the class.

Ask closure questions like: “What part of music did we move to today”and “why did we move the same way for some sections of the music”?


Assessment: use a rubric to grade the students on whether or not they can keep rhythm (can, some of the time, not yet) by having them demonstrate different sections of the piece.  




The students will perform the song using their skills of 3/4 time and minor scales.

The Man in the Moon goes along with our unit on nighttime!

The first verse is listed pictured with the words. The other verses are as follows:

2. Moon, moon, smiling so slightly
Smile for me, you man in the moon
3. Moon, moon, hanging so mightly
way up there, you man in the moon
4. Moon, moon, you are there nightly
stay up there, you man in the moon
5. Moon, moon, beautiful, sightly
beautiful, you man in the moon

Listening Lesson


As part of our Nighttime unit, we will spend quite a bit of time talking about the planets, especially the MOON! What’s more fun than talking about the beautiful thing that shines in the sky while you’re sleeping? Nothing, that’s what.

While listening to Claude Debussy’s Clair de Lune, the student will create a constellation on the wall by cutting out stars. The student will analyze the music by drawing on the stars the feelings that they believe Debussy is trying to convey in his art.

I will draw constellations on the navy butcher paper that will be placed on the wall, so the students know where to place their stars. Other than that, there are no restrictions. They can make their stars any shape or size. There are no wrong answers! Music speaks to everyone differently. This piece is a little under 5 minutes long, so the students might even want to listen twice!


Create – The Dream Journal


Create - The Dream Journal

The student will write about their dreams.

We are going to make dream journals, similar to our listening journals. After making and decorating the journals, the students will have a few minutes at the beginning of every class to write about their dreams they had the night before. They can use words, sentences, poems, songs, or pictures to talk about their dreams. Through this activity, they will explore the different ways to express themselves.

Moon Song for Recorder


Moon Song

The student will play Moon song from sheet music on their recorder, demonstrating their knowledge of rhythm and note-reading.
This is designed to be played firstly all together, then move into rounds (each group starting when the other hits the double bar, or every 2 measures).

This will fit into our unit on Hattie be Quiet, where we are celebrating nighttime throughout the world.